New for 2015, our tried-and-true, entry-level dual-suspension XC speedster comes with a light and lively Scandium 69 frameset, further adding to the range of this wildly capable mountain bike. Featuring the same refined Race Light geometry and precisely tuned suspension as on the Hei Hei Supreme, the Hei Hei is best described as a true freedom enabler. Light on the wallet and smooth on the trail, with 120mm of front travel and 100mm of rear, as well as Stealth dropper post routing, let this beauty take you into the high-rev zone of off-road bliss.
  • Kona Race Light Scandium 69 frame
  • RockShox Monarch RL rear shock
  • RockShox Recon Gold Solo Air 120mm fork w/ tapered steerer
  • Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain w/ XT RD
  • WTB SX19 29-inch rims


Frame Material Kona Race Light Scandium 69 100mm Travel
Sizes 15", 17", 19", 21"
Rear Shock RockShox Monarch RL
Fork RockShox Recon Gold Solo Air 120mm Tapered QR15
Crankarms Shimano Deore
Chainrings 24/38t
B/B Shimano Deore
Pedals n/a
Chain KMC X10
Freewheel Shimano HG50 11-36t 10spd
F/D Shimano Deore
R/D Shimano XT
Shifters Shimano Deore
Brake Calipers Shimano M447 Hydraulic
Front Brake Rotor Shimano 180mm
Rear Brake Rotor Shimano 160mm
Brake Levers Shimano M506 Hydraulic
Headset FSA No.57B
Handlebar Kona XC/BC Riser
Stem Kona XC/Road
Seatpost Kona Thumb w/Offset
Seat Clamp Kona QR
Grips Kona Race Light LOG
Saddle WTB Volt Sport SE
Front Hub Shimano Deore QR15
Rear Hub Shimano Deore 142x12mm
Spokes Stainless 14g
Rims WTB SX19
Front Tire Maxxis Ikon 29x2.2"
Rear Tire Maxxis Ikon 29x2.2"
Paint Color Black w/Lime, White & Black
Extras n/a



Super fast and really fun: that’s how we like to describe our 2015 lineup of Race Light XC bikes. Since cross-country legend Joe Murray designed some of our first bikes back in 1988, we’ve always been focused on creating incredibly light, ridiculously fast mountain bikes. But what differentiates us from the competition is our want to ensure our bikes deliver equally on the smile quotient. From our technically capable Hei Hei series of dual-suspension trail igniters to the legendary ride of the Kahuna hardtails, no one puts more fun into going fast than Kona.


Known to have one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios for any alloy in the world, Scandium has been a hallmark in our bikes since we first introduced the material in 2000. Since that time, it’s found a home in light and quick 29-inch hardtails, savvy all-mountain rides and recreationally oriented, well-priced mountain bikes.

For 2015, our commitment to the material grows significantly, with new Kona Race Light Scandium 69 models showing up throughout our growing range of Road bikes, from the new Road endurance Esattos to the base model Zone, through to the Kahuna Deluxe, Kula and Cinder Cone.

Introduced to our line in 2012, Race Light Scandium 69 comes with yield strengths that are about 40 percent higher than previous Scandium alloys. The result is the strongest per-weight aluminum alloy ever made. Because of its fibrous or fine-grained structure, Race Light Scandium 69 alloy reveals a unique combination of corrosion resistance and excellent fatigue strength.


Scandium is the eighth most abundant rare element on earth. A silvery white metal extracted from the earth’s crust, Scandium is a potent grain refiner that, when added to aluminum alloys, elevates the strength and durability of the material by 50 percent. It does this by “straightening” out the grains of the alloy, making the metal less susceptible to failure. It’s this strength and durability that makes Scandium alloys an attractive material when it comes to manufacturing bicycles. Strength is so much higher—Scandium alloy is twice as strong as 6061 or 7005 aluminum—that we’re able to use much less material to achieve riding characteristics similar to steel. With Scandium we’re able to shave weight from our aluminum frames by 10 to 15 percent.


The major benefit of an internal headset, whereby the bearing cups are actually pressed into the frame and are easily removable, is the extra layer of protection it provides the bearings against the elements. Additionally, the bearings are commonly available angular contact bearings, which are easily and inexpensively replaced. An internal headset also reduces stack height, so the height of the stem and bars are more adjustable, giving the rider the best fit possible.


Aside from improving the aesthetic, due to its cleaner lines and smooth transition between the fork crown and the headset cover, tapered headtubes also offer a more solid interface between forks with tapered steertubes and the bicycle frame itself, thanks to more weld contact area. More girth at the bottom of the headtube better distributes shock force, prolonging the bearing life of the headset itself, eliminates brake shudder, all while providing positive steering performance. The inherent strength of its triangular design also means a stronger steering position and improved balance, giving the rider more control in rough terrain. A zero-stack, tapered headtube also puts strength where the load is going—into the lower headset cup—maximizing bearing durability where it’s needed.


The XC/Trail/Enduro 12x142mm and the DH 12x157 rear axle standards provide two major advantages to the Kona rider: the 12mm diameter of the rear axle provides the rear hub and frame with a stiff interface, while the 142mm/157mm outer diameter of the hub allows the wheel to be quickly and properly positioned in the frame before the rear axle is inserted. The take-away? 12x142 and 12x157 standards make a bike that rides better and is easier to work on.


Designed to be off-the-top progressive, helping the bike to stay higher in the travel and recover from hits more quickly, and imbued with what our product managers like to call “pure shock movement,” whereby the shock is protected from side load, Beamer is featured on our super-playful Carbon Operator platform, and the fast but fun MTB Race Light Hei Hei dual-suspension bikes.


Dropper posts are a key element in riding technical singletrack. No surprise then, for 2015 we’ve spec’d dropper posts on numerous models throughout our Enduro and MTB Trail platforms, featuring the lightweight and proven seat posts from Kind Shock. New for 2015, you’ll find internal and external routing for dropper posts throughout our Race Light XC mountain bikes.


New for 2015! Register a new 2015 Kona bike within three months of purchase, and the original owner qualifies the Kona frame for a free Lifetime Warranty. Note: this does not apply to Kona Carbon models.


Kona warrants to the original owner that this new Kona bicycle shall be free of defective materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase in the United States or Canada and operated under normal conditions and use. During this one-year period, Kona shall repair or replace, at its sole option, all parts that are found by Kona to be defective and subject to this limited warranty. The original owner shall pay all labor charges connected with the repair or replacement of all parts.


When warranty on non-carbon Kona bikes and frames is NOT registered within three months of purchase, Kona warrants to the original owner that the frame of this new Kona bicycle purchased from an authorized Kona dealer shall be free of defective materials or workmanship for a three-year period. IF THE WARRANTY IS REGISTERED WITH KONA WITHIN THREE MONTHS AFTER THE PURCHASE OF THE BICYCLE, THE WARRANTY IS EXTENDED FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE ORIGINAL OWNER, with the exception of carbon bikes and frames. During warranty period, Kona shall repair or replace, at its sole option, the bicycle frame if Kona determines the frame is defective and subject to this limited warranty. The original owner shall pay all labor and shipping charges connected with the repair or replacement of the bicycle frame. Please see the Kona owner’s manual, provided with your bicycle, for additional information.

Note: this Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to purchases from Kona U.S.A., Kona Canada and Kona Europe.


mm   |   inches   |   sizing chart
  Size 15 17 19 21
1 Reach 413 435 455 475
2 Stack 594 604 623 642
3 HT Angle 68.8 68.8 68.8 68.8
4 HT Length 105 115 135 155
5 ST Angle 73.8 73.8 73.8 73.8
6 ST Length 381 432 483 533
7 CS Length 445 445 445 445
8 BB Drop 18 18 19 19
9 Wheelbase 1132 1157 1184 1211
10 Front Center 687 713 739 766
11 Fork Length 528 528 528 528
12 Fork Offset 46 46 46 46
13 TT Length 574 599 624 649
14 Standover 765 752 790 825
  Size 15 17 19 21
1 Reach 16.3 17.1 17.9 18.7
2 Stack 23.4 23.8 24.5 25.3
3 HT Angle 68.8 68.8 68.8 68.8
4 HT Length 4.1 4.5 5.3 6.1
5 ST Angle 73.8 73.8 73.8 73.8
6 ST Length 15 17 19 21
7 CS Length 17.5 17.5 17.5 17.5
8 BB Drop 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7
9 Wheelbase 44.6 45.6 46.6 47.7
10 Front Center 27 28.1 29.1 30.2
11 Fork Length 20.8 20.8 20.8 20.8
12 Fork Offset 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8
13 TT Length 22.6 23.6 24.6 25.6
14 Standover 30.1 29.6 31.1 32.5


Height/Inches Height/Metric Inseam/Inches Inseam/Metric Road CX Asphalt
4'10" - 5'1" 147 - 155 cm 25" - 27" 64 - 69 cm   47 cm 46 cm
5'0" - 5'3" 152 - 160 cm 26" - 28" 66 - 71 cm 49 cm 47/49 cm 46/49 cm
5'2" - 5'7" 157 - 170 cm 27" - 29" 69 - 74 cm 49/52/53 cm 49/53 cm 49/53 cm
5'6" - 5'11" 168 - 180 cm 29" - 31" 74 - 79 cm 53/54/56 cm 53/56 cm 53/56 cm
5'10" - 6'3" 178 - 190 cm 31" - 33" 79 - 84 cm 56/58/59 cm 56/59 cm 56/59 cm
6'2" - 6'5" 188 - 196 cm 33" - 36" 84 - 91 cm 61 cm 61/63cm 61 cm


Height/Inches Height/Metric Inseam/Inches Inseam/Metric MTB XC All Mountain/Enduro Gravity
4'10" - 5'1" 147 - 155 cm 24" - 27" 61 - 69 cm 13/15 Small Small
5'0" - 5'3" 152 - 160 cm 26" - 29" 66 - 74 cm 13/15/16 Small Small
5'2" - 5'7" 157 - 170 cm 27" - 30" 69 - 76 cm 13/15/16/17 Small/Medium Small/Medium
5'6" - 5'10" 168 - 178 cm 29" - 31" 74 - 79 cm 15/16/17/18 Small/Medium Small/Medium
5'9" - 6'0" 175 - 183 cm 30" - 33" 76 - 84 cm 17/18/19 Medium/Large Medium/Large
5'11" - 6'2" 180 - 188 cm 32" - 35" 81 - 89 cm 18/19/20/21 Large/XL Medium/Large
6'1" - 6'5" 185 - 196 cm 33" - 36" 84 - 91 cm 19/20/21/22 Large/XL Large